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How Publishers Will Survive The Facebook Newsfeed Update

There has been a significant Facebook Newsfeed update that poses new challenges to businesses and brands publishing on this platform.

Facebook announced on January 11 that it would change its Newsfeed algorithm to prioritise posts from friends and family over public content. Say goodbye to never-ending sponsored posts from Tasty, CNN, and other brands that have embraced the platform. Instead, it’s time to say hello to more personal posts featuring commenting and sharing from your friends. Sounds like the original version of Facebook, no?

Implications of the Facebook Newsfeed Update

The Facebook Newsfeed update change is pushing hard to create a better user experience for its users by focusing on meaningful interactions between people. This is critical for its business as the tech giant seeks to move back to its core mission of not just connecting people, but connecting people meaningfully. In a year that was rife with Russian interference, public trust issues, and content policing concerns (…and throw in a Senate hearing), Facebook is now focused on reassuring the public by rebuilding its brand and also delivering an amazing user experience.

But this leaves media professionals that have increasingly leveraged Facebook for content distribution and monetization in a pickle. Publishers in particular are beginning to worry. But should they be? Read more on TechCrunch

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