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Influencer, celebrity & VIP


The cornerstone of our community-first approach, delivered by our dedicated VIP & Influencer marketing team
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Organic product placement, brand advocacy and loyalty

VIP dressing that moves the dial – product placement on the global A-list; actors, artists and digital-first content-creator talent and influencers – mega, macro, mid, micro and nano across Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Snapchat and YouTube; fashion, beauty, food, music, home and lifestyle.

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Next-level event creation, curation and management. Parties, intimate dining, experiential brand immersion to international trips. We manage it all end-to-end and ensure your target guestlist attend. Including hosts, personal appearances and entertainment; invitation and RSVP management.

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Celebrity & influencer campaign execution

More than your average influencer marketing agency. From concept to end-to-end management of international media tours, on-ground talent management, cover shoots, live appearances, media junkets, private events and consumer launch events, including editorial and social amplification, to celebrate launches and collaborations.

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VIP & influencer marketing strategy

Paid VIP and influencer strategy informed by unique insights and cultural intel, including content creation, ambassadors, collaborators and editorial contributors. Seamless briefing, content deliverables, deal brokering, contract negotiation and budget management.

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Influencer marketing agency London

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