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Our Diversity Board

Strategic consultancy services

Building better, more inclusive, more responsible, brave and change-making brands.
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Our Diversity Board

Comprised of speakers, & activists, editors, business owners & CEOs, influencers and consultants, our Diversity Board works alongside us to offer ongoing counsel for brands across the beauty, fashion & lifestyle industries.  

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Actionable measures

We set up our Diversity Board as a non-for-profit service offering. Our experts, leaders and specialists represent LGBTQIA+, Ethnic Minority and & Neurodiverse communities.

The strategic consultancy services our board specialises in include: 

  • Creative Direction, Casting and Visual Brand Identity 
  • Product Development Consultation and Ideation  
  • Campaign Direction and Social Strategy 
  • Content Strategy 
  • Marketing Strategy 
  • Brand Language – Copywriting & Tone of Voice  
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Making industry-wide change

As a business representing global multi-category brands, we’re in a privileged position to help make change. We’re committed to speaking up, and proactively influencing positive diversity and inclusion action within our business and the businesses we represent and offer consultation to. 

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Board members

Our network of board members includes Aamirah Essof, Adam Reed, Anita Bhagwandas, David Fadd, Dr. Ateh Jewel, Liana Fricker, Lollie King, Simone Powderly, Sonia Haria, Sophie Blowfield & Vanese Maddix. Read more here.

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