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ORLY Takes Fashion Month

ORLY Takes Fashion Month

A snapshot of the results delivered by our Beauty PR team over fashion month for cruelty-free nail brand, ORLY.

ORLY took over the Edward Crutchley AW24/25 show on 16th February for London Fashion Week, in partnership with session manicurist Marie-Louise Coster. The show itself was based around 20 looks, consisting of 3 nail looks focused on red/gold metallic press-on’s and neutral nails by ORLY.

Look 1 consisted of natural nails, prepared with ORLY’s Cutique plus the Cuticle Pusher and Remover. Coster applied treatments such as Nailtrition for a healthy pink glow.

Look 2 featured gel-topped extensions, some trimmed to maintain a square and even length. Two ORLY shades, Rage and Inexhaustible Charm, were chosen to match the earth tones of the collection. Coster added texture to the nails using foil and layering lacquer, inspired by Edward Crutchley’s style.

In Look 3, Coster repeated the technique of layering gel and foil to create texture, this time using a mix of ORLY classics – Monroe’s Red and Haute Red. The nails were kept square, with extensions all the same length.

As a result, ORLY was credited in 35 pieces of online and social coverage, covering the show itself and nail looks, with support from Coster herself. This converted to a reach of 1,149,100.

For Milan Fashion Week, ORLY partnered with Session Manicurist & Nail Artist, Rebecca Jade Wilson for the Del Core FW24 Show. The show was inspired by nature, life cycles and habitats of butterflies and bees, integrating them into a collection that exuded elegance and subtlety. Nail looks consisted of one look on the models, using ORLY lacquers in subdued hues, creating ethereal, natural nails. As a result, ORLY received 17 pieces of social coverage across Instagram Stories and Instagram Posts, which converted to a reach of 157,800.

As a result of our ongoing relationship with Rebecca Jade Wilson, she continued to support the brand during Paris Fashion Week working with celebrities and models such as Iris Law. Iris Law was spotted at the Tom Ford Show and on her Instagram page wearing a custom mix (created by Rebecca Jade Wilson) by ORLY. This converted to a reach of 782,600.

For further information please contact the Beauty PR team: orly@b-theagency.com



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