Healthy Summer Foods

Summer is the perfect time to get fit and healthy and incorporate lifestyle changes that will lead to an improved you, so what better way to start than thinking about what you’re consuming. This week we’re talking superfoods; worth the hype, these foods contain so many benefits they really shouldn’t be ignored, they’re not called “superfoods” for nothing.

We’ve complied a list of six of our favourite healthy summer foods which can be enjoyed separately or created into a salad.

These tiny balls of goodness contain an abundance of antioxidants which boost your immune system and neutralise free radicals which can cause disease and aging in the body.

This orange, fuzzy fruit has a high level of beta carotene which is imperative for eye health as well as being a great source of vitamin c which aids in caring for the skin and boosting your complexion.

Also known as Courgette, this summer squash is known to lower cholesterol, prevent cancer as well lowering blood pressure. Being high in Maganese means it fights against free radicals and is also a great vegetable for men as it keeps the prostate healthy.

Not just famous for being in Dirty Dancing, the watermelon incredibly low in calories while having the highest amount of antioxidant, Lycopene. The high level of vitamin C also helps burn that body fat much more adequately.

Sugar Snap Peas
Sugar Snap Peas known as the “virtual wonder food” belong to the superfood family of beans and contribute to everything from cholesterol reduction to cancer prevention as well as fighting heart disease and reducing obesity.

Walnuts are the daddy of the nut family containing the highest level of antioxidants of them all. Containing skin loving Vitamin E and Omega 3, these nuts will give you a summer radiance perfect for the bikini season.


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