Get perfect pins with Xen Tan

Xen Tan

Xen Tan

Winter is finally over and it’s time to ditch those wooly jumpers and thermals!! Dig out your summer dress and flip flops and dare to bare!

Get perfect pins with Xen Tan, it’s natural, instant olive colour gives an even and streak free tan. Unlike other fake tans, Xen Tan leaves a delicate fragrance and also moisturises and hydrates the skin. The rich coconut and walnut oils create an exceptionally long-lasting tan. Perfect for that healthy sun kissed glow.

Each bottle of Xen-Tan, gives an average of 5-6 full face and body applications. Apply a thin coat for a lighter hint of colour or apply two thicker layers to get a deep Mediterranean tan.

Follow our top tips from makeup artist and MyVanityCase founder, Michelle Shaw to achieve the perfect fake tan.

“The most common mistake when using fake tan is lack of preparation. In order for the tan to go on evenly and avoid the patchy look it is necessary to prepare the skin before applying your tan.

“Firstly, you need to exfoliate to remove all the dead skin cells. To do this use a large grain body scrub. Pay particular attention to dry areas such as the knees and elbows.

“Fake Tan is best applied with a tanning mitt as this helps to ensure tan is evenly applied.

“When showering for the first time after applying tan use a shower cream that is not too harsh and do not scrub skin. Applying a body moisturiser every day will help the tan last longer and ensure it will wear off evenly.

“Remember if doing any hair removal, do this at least 24 hours before applying tan is order to ensure that the hair follicle is fully closed over, this will also stop your tan from looking patchy.”

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