Facebook Might Be Introducing a GIF Maker for iOS Users

Just weeks after allowing GIFs to be uploaded directly on its platform, Facebook is now testing its own GIF maker on iOS.

The new feature was first spotted by Matt Navarra and shared on The Next Web, and later confirmed by Facebook.

The new GIF maker is accessible via the Facebook Camera, and appears as an option at the top of the screen. Once you finish shooting, you can then save in GIF format and post to your profile, add to your Facebook Story, or even save it to your phone’s camera roll.

Everybody agrees that GIFs are a fast-growing trend on all social media platforms. And now, Facebook is working hard to catch up on platforms like Twitter or Tumblr, where GIFs have been hugely popular and freely available to use. For many years, Facebook had stopped users from sharing GIFs, and it was not until 2015 that the platform began supporting them via third-party services like GIPHY. And it was only recently that direct uploads were finally permitted – after also allowing GIFs in comments.

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