The latest must-attend party isn’t filled with champagne and canapés, in fact you don’t need to leave your home at all; it’s the Twitter party. If you’ve never heard of these events then BPR are here to give you the ins and outs of this popular new craze and give you all the details about how to attend one.

What is a Twitter Party?

A Twitter party, not to be confused with a Twitter chat, is a live online event, held in the evening for about 1 to 2 hours. The difference between the two is that chats are regular, either weekly or monthly, whilst parties are a one off event. Many parties are sponsored by a company and can have a panel, a celebrity host, giveaways or offer helpful tips and advice.

How to attend:

Every party has a specific hashtag so in order to attend, include the hashtag in each tweet you send. You can also search for the hashtag to see others who are attending. The easiest way to follow a Twitter party is by using a Twitter aggregator program such as Twubs, Tweetdeck, or other similar sites. The aggregator will automatically refresh your page and include the hashtag in all tweets for you so you don’t forget.

The benefits of a Twitter Party:

Twitter parties are a wonderful way to connect and build relationships with new people. As an attendee, you can get to meet people with the same interests as you and share opinions, while as a host, it’s a great way to ignite conversation around your brand, introduce new products and speak directly to your fan base.

The major benefit of a twitter party is there’s no catering and drinks bill for the host at the end and people worldwide can attend from the comfort of their own home. It builds a buzz for your brand and with so many people tweeting the party hashtag, chances are it will end up trending causing more people to check what all the fuss is about, giving the brand a stronger online presence.


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