Boudoir PR appointed to represent Slendex


Boudoir PR has been appointed to represent weight loss aid Slendex also to NEW Slendex for Men and Carb Blocker.

The revolutionary weight control tablet which is 100% natural has been formulated by a leading British pharmacist and his team, Slendex enables you to lose weight without inhibiting your lifestyle. 100% Caffeine Free, 100% Guarana Free. Slendex gives you the perfect  body management  and complete control of your weight loss. The main ingredient will reduce your food portion intake without you having to consciously deny yourself. Slendex powerful combinaion of ingredients then get to work on breaking down your body fat.

In addition, this week Boudoir PR appointed Mischa Joslin, Health Senior Account Executive starting with immediate effect. Mischa previously at CCD PR, works across all the agency’s health brands inluding the latest addition Slendex.