b. recommends: BallieBallerson @ Dalston, Boxpark Shoreditch

BallieBallerson is BACK – but this time with a glowing new look. If London’s adult-only ball pit-bar hybrid wasn’t bonkers enough, then check out their newly revamped Dalston location – aptly renamed GlowyMcGlow.

The ball pit once previously filled with the multi-coloured balls of your childhood is now UV lit and lined with mirrors. Filling the pit is 250,000 clear balls which are illuminated by the 10,000 LED lights; and just to make it that little bit extra… the lights pulse in time to the music.

If that wasn’t enough, the intergalactic theme is continued upstairs in the bar with a menu of space-themed cocktails. Highlights include Neptune – a cocktail based on charcoal and nitrogen, Saturn which comes garnished with a floating balloon  and Uranus, which comes with a ‘miracle berry pill’ – we’ll leave you to try out what that is…

With its cosmic-themed cocktails and a ginormous light up ball pit, GlowyMcGlowy is the instagrammer’s dream –  it’s no wonder that it is the most highly rated bar on Facebook.

If GlowyMcGlow is not your scene, the original BallieBallerson multi-coloured balls have been given a new home at Boxpark Shoreditch, giving you another opportunity to indulge your childish tendencies and get that all important social-media snap.

For more information, check out BallieBallerson’s website: http:// www.ballieballerson.com/

GlowyMcGlowy: 79 Stoke Newington Road, Dalston, N16 8AD