B Public Relations Represents INC Avante

B Public Relations has been appointed to handle the PR for INC Avante, the revolutionary Dynamic Lash Serum and Mascara that are the ultimate Lash Power Duo that strengthen, hydrate and condition the lashes.

INC Avante from New Zealand are proud to introduce this product line into the UK as it brings together the best of science and nature through nutritionally based and naturally effective ingredients in the hair loss battle, without the use of harsh chemicals, animal products, artificial colours or fragrances, and petroleum derived ingredients, such as petroleum jelly or parabens.

Avante’s breakthrough formulas use scientifically proven ingredients for maximum results.

Available via www.incavante.com
UK Distributor : www.adamandevedistribution.co.uk

Twitter: @LashGrowth
Facebook: @AvanteLashSerum