B Public Relations Now Represents GEMPORIA

 Founded in 2013 by Steve and Sarah Bennett, GEMPORIA offers the world’s largest selection of stylish, affordable and ethically sourced genuine gemstone jewellery. The site offers over 30,000 designs with 500 pieces added each week.

GEMPORIA’s aim is to create unique, stylish designs that don’t cost the earth and are not mass produced, making limited edition runs to ensure sustainability and exclusivity; styles are limited to around 1-200 per design. The jewellery is crafted using precious metals and ethically sourced genuine gemstones, from exquisitely cut and perfectly set Diamonds, to the rarest of gems. Quality and ethics are at the core of the brand, which aims to benefit those who contribute to making as well as those who buy and wear GEMPORIA jewellery.

The unrivalled quality and honest pricing of each piece ensures that every day is luxurious. By carefully controlling the design and production of the jewellery, along with the added advantage of no intermediaries GEMPORIA is able to pass on direct savings to the customer, with savings of up to 57.5% for comparable pieces on the high street.

Prices from £15 to £12,000


Twitter: @GEMPORIA