The 13th December plays host to the Official Christmas Jumper Day, so offices are going to packed full of people embracing the Christmas Jumper spirit. If you feel overwhelmed at the array of festive attire, do not fear, our fashion PR team have compiled their ‘Top 5 It List’ of Christmas Jumpers from TruffleShuffle’s retro selection:

1. This Unisex Knitted Christmas Jumper with a cool repeat Reindeer print is a hit this year, and has already been featured on Glamour and LOOK online so you might want to get your hands on this quick! It’s not too over the top with the subtle fairisle print so it’s perfect for those of you not wanting to delve too far into novelty.

2. Do you want to get everyone around you just as excited for Christmas as you are? Keep cosy and keep cool in this ‘Holidays are coming’ Jumper is the only slice of retro advice we can give you for the festive fun ahead! This cheesy jumper comes with a traditional handmade style design that will make your grandmother buck up her knitting ideas!

3. The latest UK trend of the ugly Christmas jumper party makes the search for the most outlandish Christmas jumper more popular than ever. If you’re looking for the perfect granny creation, then this is for you. This Percy Penguin Christmas Jumper has been seen on Stacey Soloman and Kelly Brook.

4. How badly do you want to trump everyone else this festive time? This Red LED Light Up Christmas Reindeer Sweater brings Rudolph to life with one flick of the ON switch, giving the reindeer face an actual flashing red nose! Wear this light up Christmas jumper you will have everyone in awe of your style and festive dedication.

5. If the Coca-Cola truck signifies Christmas for you and you feel automatically jolly when it appears on TV, can you imagine how amazing you will feel with it on your jumper this Christmas? This exclusive Coca-Cola Holidays Are Coming Christmas Jumper plays tribute to those iconic trucks bedecked in fairy lights making their way through the snow.