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Welcome to the Parade!

Welcome to the Parade!

From the US to the UK we’re ready to write a new underwear story – one that actually represents you. And that’s why we wanted to collaborate, educate and deliver a mass seeding project (500+ Parade merch packages!) with a bolt on VIP service.

How? Sustainable fabrics, inclusive sizes, unreal comfort and socially good were Parade’s foundations that connected with our community of tastemakers, changemakers and macro influencers to spread the word socially.

A strategic frenzy happened, over a 3 month period, with product organically in the hands of UK VIPs and opinion leaders Iris Law, Little Simz Adwoa Aboah, Maisie Williams, Lila Moss and more. Parade is still requested to this day and we continue to maintain our relationships with VIP stylists, agents and PA’s.

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