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Visibility at Fashion Week: How to Get Involved, without Getting Involved…

Visibility at Fashion Week: How to Get Involved, without Getting Involved…

Fashion Week: a pressuring time for brands within the luxury and creative space to create noise and solidify their presence for the coming months amongst top Editors, Trend Forecasters, KOLs, Tastemakers, Talent, and the general public.

For many brands, it can feel limiting to not be on the Schedule – either showing or showcasing via runway or presentation – however, there are ways in which brands, with the help of b. The Agency, can dominate the bustling Fashion Week space whether they’re paraded down the catwalk or not.

Back in February 2023, London’s fashion crowd took to the streets for AW23. As a Mongolian brand, GOBI Cashmere – with our guidance – gifted 50 of the best names in the game. From Anita Chiba to Mira Al-Momani, Tora Northman to Henrik Lischke, Editors and Tastemakers alike were wrapped up in one item: GOBI Cashmere’s Aviator Cap.

Swarming the FROW were bonnets, from show to show, we were able to acknowledge and act upon a trend right as it was about to come into fruition. Identifying ahead of London Fashion Week the targets in which held influence that season, GOBI Cashmere’s brand awareness grew drastically having launched into the UK just four months before. Not only was the FROW bustling with caps, social media was, too. In a digital world, our targets took to Instagram, sharing posts and stories of their cashmere gift, which created further exclusivity – a crowd that couldn’t be entered by just anyone. At the time, the Aviator Caps were unavailable for purchase, dropping later in the April.

GOBI Cashmere to this day is known as the cashmere brand with the Aviator Caps. The exercise, which was an organic gifting activity, solidified GOBI amongst the fashionistas of the world.

With luxury product, excessive gifting units are not always readily available. AKVA Jewellery, an independent sustainable Danish jewellery brand, ensure their presence is always upheld and recognised at (predominantly) Copenhagen Fashion Week by opening the doors to their workshop.

Turning their day-to-day creative space into an appointment haven, AKVA Jewellery hosts numerous meetings with Danish and Global talent for loaning and gifting opportunities. Whilst everyone flocks to town, why not maximise upon the ability to meet with some of the best Editors and Talent?

However, if you’re not based in a major city whereby fashion comes to you, it can feel as if you’re sitting outside the fashion bubble. Katie Loxton, British Accessories brand based in Oxfordshire, has found this during previous fashion months. For the SS24 Season, Katie Loxton is teaming up with Editors who are situated outside the City, just like them.

Offering luxe overnight stays at desirable London hotels located where the shows are taking place, Katie Loxton builds relationships and brand presence during Fashion Week without physically being there. Leaving a bespoke bag for each guest, Katie Loxton piggybacks a product launch into Fashion Week with desirable overnight stays.

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Image Credit: Mira Al-Momani, Antia Chiba, Tora Northman.

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