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Top Beauty Retailers in the UK

Top Beauty Retailers in the UK

Building shrines to our beauty addiction, beauty retailers have made it even more accessible for consumers to purchase their most loved brands. In recent years, many of us have turned to online shopping out of convenience, particularly following the first lockdown in March 2022, however this has spurred on an ever-evolving digital beauty space for enthusiasts to educate and learn more about the beauty products they are consuming than ever before.

Whether you are sourcing your products now in-store or online, retailers have ramped up the shopping experience to entice spending – with top UK beauty retailers such as Boots offering in-store experiential experiences or online mecca Cult Beauty harnessing the power of AI technology with their MatchMe foundation finder. Of course, these concepts draw people in but it’s with the help of Beauty PR agencies supporting beauty brands by building their brand awareness, reputation and trust, that can also play a huge role in contributing to leveraging sales.

With some of top UK beauty retailers such as Boots and Cult Beauty, hosting an unrivalled depth and breadth of product offerings, from brands such as Bondi Sands, Amika, Tweezerman – their seamless shopping experience draws in people coming back for more. However, to work hand-in-hand, Beauty PR agencies add value to leading, pioneering and next generation brands by driving multi-channel impact through community-first brand strategy, storytelling, PR, content, influencer, experiences, collaboration, cultural agenda-setting, relevance & innovation.

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