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Social Media: an informative hobby or unhealthy addiction?
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Social Media: an informative hobby or unhealthy addiction?

It’s 2017 and technology is everywhere and unknowingly incorporated into our day to day lives.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?  We’re all guilty of checking our social media platforms as soon as we open our eyes! Studies show that 80% of smart phone users check their phone even before brushing their teeth.

Social media is an international platform that anyone can access with an underlying sense of community. The rise in influencers and bloggers have skyrocketed and influencers are now the celebrities of today. For example, Kim Kardashian built an empire through social media, Instagram in particular. She may be marmite but her success is international.

Snapchat and Instagram combined have a total of 600 million DAILY users and numbers are expected to rise with brands utilising social media as a platform to market themselves.

Although it’s a genius idea to market yourself into a business, they do say for every pro there is a con.

According to an online 2014 report from DMR Stats and statistics, 9% of teenage girls claimed to be victims of online bullying via Instagram. Has this number tripled in the last three years? Is the Era of selfie loving Kardashian starting to have a negative effect on our girls?

We are now seeking value in how many likes and followers we get, going from judging by looks to judging by online presence.

What are your thoughts?

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