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Scalp care – the beauty regimen you didn’t know you needed

Scalp care – the beauty regimen you didn’t know you needed

Whether it is due to hormones, the weather or topical irritation, our scalps haven’t seemed the same as of late. Scalp care is something that was once cast aside in the beauty world but is now becoming the forefront in consumer demand. Well, why now?


During lockdown we all experienced a higher level of stress than normal. Your scalp and hair are influenced by hormonal fluctuations – which is a common side effect of stress. Stress can disrupt normal hormone level and in turn disrupt the skin. We’re all well-aware of stress spots, so why are we not more aware of stress-scalp?

Key indicators that you’re suffering from scalp stress include flaking, hair loss and excess oil.

Not feeling stressed? Well, our skin is often affected by the changes in the weather, with most people experiencing dry and irritated skin in the Winter, the scalp is just an extension of the skin so often experiences the same seasonal issues people experience on their face and body.

Regardless of the cause, there are numerous ways to introduce a healthier scalp, from practicing mindfulness to switching up your products, there is something everyone can adopt into their routine.

How To Improve

Like our skin, we all have individual scalp needs, some scalps need more moisture, some need extra exfoliation, some are sensitive, and some are oilier. To achieve the healthiest scalp, we need to tailor our scalp care routine, and that requires understanding our individual scalp needs.


Similar to discovering our skincare routine, this will often require a level of trial and error. Luckily, the industry is changing and there are more options for scalp care than ever before. One emerging trend in scalp care is to exfoliate the scalp using a shampoo brush, these devices tend to have flexible silicone bristles which gently buff away dead skin cells, whilst also being kind to the hair.

Other methods of rejuvenating the scalp include topical formulations such as serums, toners, scalp scrubs and specialist shampoos for flaky scalps.


Which products to use

With so many scalp solutions out there, it can be quite overwhelming to decide which products to choose, so we’ve broken down some of our favourites.

Amika Reset Jelly Shampoo | £20 | Available at Cult Beauty

Amika’s innovative jelly shampoo deep cleans, purifies, and rebalances the scalp, showing your scalp the TLC it craves. Acting as a dirt and grime magnet, this results-driven formula sloughs away unwanted gunk, purify, and rebalance the scalp. Plus it works well on even the most oily, itchy, and sensitive scalps too. The precise needle applicator ensures it can nestle its way deep into roots and scalp for precise application whatever your hair type or style.

Chāmpo Shampoo Brush


BeautyBio The Rejuvenating Scalp Set | £249 | Available at CurrentBody.com

There are three pillars of scalp health: collagen, blood supply and nutrients. BeautyBio’s patented system has been engineered to target all three: microneedling triggers collagen production and increases blood supply, while the Serum delivers a nourishing dose of ingredients clinically proven to improve hair health. The range is suitable for all hair types. The nutrient-packed Healthy Scalp Serum works by dissolving nasty scalp build-up and banishing flaking and irritation.


Chāmpo Shampoo Brush | £14.50 | Available at Harrods

For a deep and revitalising cleanse, Chāmpo has created this Shampoo Brush to assist with a thorough shampoo application. As the first step to your haircare routine, take the time to gently massage the scalp with this tool to reveal rejuvenated hair, free from product build-up and deep-rooted dirt.

Hello Klean Clarifying Scalp Soak


Hello Klean Clarifying Scalp Soak | £25 | Available at BeautyBay

Give your scalp a well-deserved treat with the Hello Klean Clarifying Scalp Soak. Formulated with a vegan, pH balanced formula, this five-minute soak works to cleanse your scalp from the big three causes of build-up: product residue, hard water and pollution. The serum-like soak is less stripping than shampoo and more breathable than conditioner, leaving hair feeling nourished, soft and squeaky clean.


One question remains – is scalp care the new norm in our beauty regimens? Take it from the beauty PR, yes, it is.

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