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Say Hello to Threads…

Say Hello to Threads…

Get ready, Meta’s latest platform Threads is LIVE!

Storming into the social-verse just three months after its development was announced, the app boasted over 30million sign ups within hours of launch, causing an immediate buzz amongst the chronically online.

So, what is it?

Threads is a new text-based micro-blogging channel that allows users to create posts up to 500 characters long, peppered with images, gifs, and videos. Now, you might be thinking, “Wait a minute, isn’t this just a Twitter clone?” Well, that’s exactly what has everyone scratching their heads, wondering what makes Threads so unique.

So, how does it all work? To step into the world of Threads, you’ll need an Instagram account, immediately giving you access to the people you follow on the sister platform, and a whole network of other users who share similar interests. It’s easy to set up, using your Instagram account to log in. Your Instagram username and verifications will carry over, with the option to customise your profile specifically for Threads.

But here’s the twist: if you decide to part ways with Threads, say goodbye to your beloved Instagram too, it’s the package deal you didn’t sign up for!

Now, let’s talk about the early-adopters, brands who have already made the jump to Threads. Ryanair, Netflix, GymShark, and Asos wasted no time making their mark, sharing tongue in cheek posts about the app and their own businesses, comically bemoaning the integration of another marketing channel into the brand mix. If brands want to shine on the platform, they better bring their A-game with authentic and uproarious content. Think TikTok vibes mixed with that irresistible Gen-Z appeal—raw thoughts and an unfiltered sense of authenticity.

So, as Asos said “I hope you’re Thready”. Threads is here, making waves. Will it become the next big thing or just another addictive app in our lives? Only time will tell, in the meantime, unleash your creativity and let your sense of humour shine through.

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