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Recession Proof Your Business with PR
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Recession Proof Your Business with PR

After zero economic growth between October and November 2022, the UK has narrowly missed falling into a recession so far in 2023, but sadly entering a recession is still very much on the cards. According to the Bank Of England, the UK is still expected to enter a recession this year, but it is likely to be shorter and less severe than first anticipated – some good news! To prepare for periods of economic decline, UK businesses can recession-proof themselves by working closely with a UK PR agency.

In times of economic downturn, it’s easy to consider pulling the plug on PR activities to save money. However, working alongside a PR agency to create a crisis plan for the tough times ahead, will ensure your business remains visible. With many businesses pausing their PR activities, working with a PR agency to remain active at a time when your competitors won’t be, gives you an advantage – future-proofing your business for when we’re officially out of recession.

Ultimately, the businesses that win will be the ones that keep strong relationships with their key audience through effective communications across a variety of mediums. Working with a PR agency will help you be strategic in your communications and open your mind to new opportunities that you may not have considered. After all, the job of a PR agency is to remain agile; taking the time to understand the media landscape and thinking outside the box to deliver results in tough times. Whilst pitching angles will shift in times of recession, the power of PR won’t.

If you’re looking to utilise a PR agency to navigate the challenging times ahead, please reach out to hello@b-theagency.com.

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