Photographer Nick Simonite meets Larry Callies, founder of the Black cowboy museum: evoking a sense of adventure for a new ice cream flavour

Global social media storytelling at its finest, for premium ice cream brand, NUII

When travel to far-flung destinations feel like a distant memory, premium ice-cream brand NUII is here to transport you on an adventure across the globe; with carefully hand-picked ingredients to evoke a feeling of discovery.

This summer, NUII takes us on a journey to the depths of southern America, to the heart of Texas and flavours of the Wild West, to introduce its delectable new Caramel White Chocolate & Texan Pecan ice-cream.

Texas is full of unexpected hidden gems, from fragrant fields of wild-flowers to shimmering lakes at the bottom of limestone canyons; it’s a place where the music is full of heart and the food is bold and plentiful. Not only is it the perfect location to grow the famous Texan Pecan, it is also the home of the cowboys.

Larry Callies grew up in Texas and had wanted to be a cowboy for as long as he can remember. Cowboys are among the most iconic figures in the Southern US state, however much of their history had previously been whitewashed. It wasn’t until 2011, once Callies had retired from his work as a postal worker that he came across collections of photographs of cowboys from the 1880s, all of them black. Callies began to collect saddles, boots and sheriff pins that once belonged to black cowboys and by 2017 had accumulated enough memorabilia to open the Black Cowboy Museum in Rosenberg, Texas.

Photographer Nick Simonite met with Larry Callies, the man responsible for reviving and restoring the rich legacy of black cowboys through his museum, to find out what it is about his hometown of Texas that makes the place so special to him.

As NUII travel around the globe and continue to develop new flavours, culture is at the core of their inspiration. Every hero ingredient sourced for NUII is carefully picked to evoke a strong emotion and feeling of discovery. The stories NUII tell explore all aspects of flavour in a unique and surprising way; through the nostalgia of the location, the food and the people.

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