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New Client Announcement: Our Pure Planet

New Client Announcement: Our Pure Planet

Our Lifestyle PR portfolio is growing!

We have been appointed Lifestyle PR partner for changemaking eco-friendly electronics company Our Pure Planet. Building and leading its holistic brand communications and launch programme including creative campaign & content development, PR, VIP & influencer, events and social media management.

Our Pure Planet is a zero plastic-impact electronics brand, specialising in audio equipment and charging accessories at accessible prices. Products include portable speakers, Bluetooth headphones and ear pods, USB cables and chargers.

England captain Harry Kane has joined Our Pure Planet as an equity part-owner and in an ambassadorial capacity, where he will raise awareness and amplify the importance of the brand’s sustainable practices.

Our Pure Planet commits to responsible and planet-reparative practices across all elements of the brand – including raw material sourcing, manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, delivery, packaging, and all head office operations. They are certified by the NoCO2 Carbon-Neutral program as being 100% carbon neutral and 200% plastic-regenerative across its partnership with Plastic Collective and Verra.

A privately owned company, founded in Sydney Australia in 2019 by Stephen McKinnon and James McPhie, Our Pure Planet is the only existing electronics company in the world that is 100% eco-friendly.

Launching Autumn 2023 in the United Kingdom, EU, Switzerland, Norway, Ukraine & Australia.

For more information, or to request samples or imagery, please contact the OUR PURE PLANET team: ourpureplanet@b-theagency.com



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