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New Client Announcement: Margaret Dabbs™ London
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New Client Announcement: Margaret Dabbs™ London

b. the communications agency has been appointed to handle the UK press and influencer communications for Margaret Dabbs™ London; the no. 1 brand for the best and most effective luxury products and services for Feet, Hands, Nails and Legs.

Margaret Dabbs™ London is the luxury British Beauty Brand committed to innovation for Feet, Hands, Nails and Legs. Pioneers of powerful results-driven formulations, delivering products that harness the best of medical science with the best of beauty for credible and luxurious clinic treatments and products.

Founded by Margaret Dabbs OBE in 2004, Margaret continues to spearhead the company and infuse her philosophy and beliefs into all products and in-clinic treatments. Most recently, Margaret was awarded an OBE in the 2023 New Year’s Honour List in recognition of her services to business and podiatry, her entrepreneurial ability and for creating a brand-new wellness category within beauty for the care of Feet, Hands, Nails and Legs.

The Margaret Dabbs™ London brand has become synonymous with high quality luxury treatments and products for Feet, Hands, Nails and Legs. Their products are sold in some of the most exclusive retail, hotel and spa outlets in the world. The combination of podiatry based medical excellence and beauty-based luxury ingredients have made these products travel essentials, with amenities for first class and business travellers and products offered for sale on major airlines globally  as well as at airports. The brand additionally services corporate washrooms and partners global businesses with holiday season gifting and co-branded opportunities.

Margaret Dabbs™ London products are available from www.margaretdabbs.co.uk, Harrods, Net-A-Porter, Cult Beauty, Sephora UK, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Liberty and more.

Clinics located in London, Cotswolds, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Glasgow, Middle East and Spain.


For further information please contact: margaretdabbslondon@b-theagency.com

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