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New Client Announcement: Humantra

New Client Announcement: Humantra

With the recent success overseas in the UAE, we have been appointed to represent Humantra, the plant-based, sugar-free electrolyte & antioxidant hydration brand, as it launches into the UK officially!

An exciting lifestyle brand shaking up the hydration game, Humantra is committed to providing the world with all the tools to unlock optimal hydration. Humantra believes everyone deserves to start their day feeling recharged and energised, whatever your routine may be.

Humantra’s 100% clean, best-in-class tasting, gluten-free, plant based, sugar free, hydration formula; contains 6 essential electrolytes to power up your mind and body.

The UK range currently includes two great tasting flavours; Berry Pomegranate and Himalayan Lime, with Elderberry launching imminently to add to their portfolio.

Founded in 2022 by entrepreneur Charles Wright – Charles built Humantra with an aim to redefine the world of hydration. At just 33 years old, he has taken the health and wellness industry by a storm with his innovative approach to hydration; a great tasting electrolyte formula that is expertly balanced and clean.

For more information, or to request samples or imagery, please contact the HUMANTRA team: humantra@b-theagency.com

Check out Humantra on Instagram: www.instagram.com/humantra


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