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How to Successfully Pitch Your Beauty Brand to Beauty Buyers

How to Successfully Pitch Your Beauty Brand to Beauty Buyers

If you’re wanting to get your business in front of the beauty buyers behind credible UK stockists such as Space NK, Sephora or Look Fantastic, then you’re going to need to entice them from the outset with an impressive ‘power statement’ (a.k.a. a concise fact, or statement that explains the value you can bring to their organisation). And whilst captivating sale stats are one way of justifying why your products belong on their storefront, testimonials from reputable press will make your business trump over competitors, as having the power of the media behind your brand adds unrivalled credibility that a beauty buyer will, quite literally, want to buy into.

Easier said than done; it’s no secret how hard it can be to get a non-household name in front of the media, which is why a UK Beauty PR agency is the best route forward. Having already established working relationships with journalists from key publications, creating brand buzz becomes less of an obstacle. They essentially act as the middleman between yourself and the retailer, and thus provide most of the groundwork for you.

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