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How to PR your Start-Up Brand
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How to PR your Start-Up Brand

You have put your heart and soul into creating your new brand and you now feel ready to tell the world about how amazing it is and why you feel so passionately about what you have created.
It can feel very daunting trying to navigate the marketing sphere and working out the best approach to maximise exposure to drive success. This is where PR agencies are worth their weight in gold. As with any start-up, the margins are tight, and an in-house PR manager is often not the most cost-efficient option when you start out. Not only do PR companies give you access to a full team of communications specialists, a PR company will also have access to multiple (and often expensive) software tools as well as the infrastructure to offer multiple services including influencer partnership support, product seeding, press and influencer liaison.

There are many UK PR companies so it is vital that you chose a PR agency that best compliments you and your brand. If you are based in Britain, a UK PR agency will have the relevant press and influencer contacts needed to generate coverage and traction for your brand and, if you opt for a very targeted approach, most consumer PR agencies will have dedicated teams that specialise in certain areas, for instance, separate teams for beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands.

The most important things to consider when choosing a public relations agency include: finding retainer fees that fit within your budget, PR agencies that have worked with start-up brands in the past and, most importantly, a team that you have good chemistry with – a strong working relationship will make the process so much easier and more enjoyable!


Once appointed, your chosen PR agency will create a PR strategy for you, based on your key business objectives and desired outcomes.  For a start-up brand, often these strategies focus heavily on the brand founder or founders, crafting a compelling and exciting brand story and focusing on how and why your brand was born, it’s mission and what sets it apart from the rest.  Another key objective will be to raise awareness of the products or services via press & influencer outreach and getting key opinion leaders to try it for themselves.  In addition to the core strategy, PR agencies will also be able to support you with many other areas of your business including social channels, branding, packaging, retailer introductions and distribution.

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