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How to Engage, Manage and Evaluate an Influencer Campaign

How to Engage, Manage and Evaluate an Influencer Campaign

Whether the outcome of the campaign is to launch a new range, build brand awareness, drive social following or increase sales; the casting and evaluation of the campaign is key.

A great PR agency or Influencer Marketing agency will understand the needs of their client and build a bespoke influencer campaign around a personalised brief. Every campaign should be designed to achieve the unique goals and ambitions of each brand.

At b., we take a careful and considered approach when it comes to casting a campaign, using our knowledge and insights to recommend influencers which fit a range of criteria, this includes: a relevant and aligned target audience, strong engagement, genuine interest in the product/ brand, high-quality content, ability to drive sales and equally as important, working within the allocated budget. Keeping in mind that an organic relationship prior to the paid campaign is often an influential factor on the authenticity of a campaign and can be crucial in converting consumers, we ensure that our influencer selection is authentic, with values and interests that mirror the brand.

Once the targets are approved and engaged, it will be up to the PR company to manage the timelines and brief process to ensure the campaign is cohesive, timely and has maximum impact.

Beyond the reach of the content itself, there are numerous ways to add value and boost engagement of your influencer campaign, driving higher ROI and reaching a bigger audience. One simple way is to ‘boost’ or ‘white list’ the content, whereby additional advertising spend it placed behind the content – this enables the brand to repurpose the content to appear within more user’s feeds and reach a broader or larger target audience, which can lead to a direct increase in engagement, traffic and thus, sales.

As a general guide, we suggest a campaign has a minimum of 3 points of engagement with the consumer to create a tangible influence; whether this is creating a campaign that spans three social platforms, working with a minimum of three influencers on one platform, or amplifying the influencer campaign through digital PR, social media and brand marketing.

When calculating ROI, there will be a number of factors in play, but results should always relate back to the original intention of the campaign – did the content reach a wide audience, did the content drive traffic to your social platform, did the influencers help elevate the brand, did the content direct new customers to the website, did the content result in sales? Often for campaigns, the ROI will be a mixture of the above and will be evaluated between the PR company and the brand to ensure the next campaign achieves the same level of success.

There’s proof that a successful influencer campaign has the power to drive a positive influence on the success of your brand; a recent influencer campaign we executed for our client Tweezerman resulted in a site-wide sell out within 1 hour*, with more web sales in 24 hours than a typical month of trade and over 79% of total web traffic attributed towards the campaign.

*site-wide sell out of the item featured in the influencer content.

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