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How sustainability and transparency are changing the face of the Beauty Industry.

How sustainability and transparency are changing the face of the Beauty Industry.

We have seen a significant shift over the past decade in the importance placed on sustainability and transparency from brands, none more so than in the beauty industry. When it comes to the products people buy, consumers are increasingly adopting a green mentality with zero waste lifestyles becoming more desirable and a concerted effort to reduce the amount of single use plastics, to positively impact the planet.

Consumer awareness continues to drive sustainability efforts industry wide and whilst many brands are making a conscious effort to become more sustainable and transparent, there’s still so much more that can be done.


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New data has revealed that almost three-quarters of UK consumers (71%) still don’t feel brands and retailers are doing enough to make their beauty and personal care purchases more sustainable (Packagingnews.co.uk), so what is being done to change this and how can we help?

  1. More and more companies are employing creative ways to upcycle old packaging, whether promoting multi-purpose use around the home to extend the life of beautiful bottles / pots or offering refill schemes which are often both environmentally and budget friendly.
  2. Sustainable packaging is an ever evolving priority for brand owners and as consumer demand for brands who are respectful of the environment continues to grow, so do the materials on offer. Glass, reusable cotton bags, elimination of outer packaging (where possible), refills, biodegradable options and corrugated bubble wrap are all a big step up from traditional plastics.
  3. Offering a giveback programme to support sustainable charities is a great way to show how serious you are about doing good and ensures consumers feel like they are part of the process.
  4. Providing consumers with clear recycling guides detailing where all packaging components should be placed once finished will help cut the confusion and should increase recycling rates.

In reality, big changes are being made and things are moving in the right direction, but sustainability efforts will only work if they are delivered via simple and effective communications which are easily understandable for the consumer. If you are doing your part to make your brand more sustainable then be completely transparent, no jargon needed.

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