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How Public Relations Can Help To Promote A Business
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How Public Relations Can Help To Promote A Business

b. the communications agency, is an internationally recognised Fashion, Beauty and lifestyle 360 service communications agency. We develop and deliver iconic campaigns, create credible brand narratives and run dynamic press office’ for British and International brands. There are many benefits to the world of PR, from being cost-effective to influencing consumer behaviour. Read on to find out how Public Relations can help to promote a business.

Builds credibility

Credibility is essential for your brand perceptive – consumers are more likely to engage with and buy into a brand that they can trust and believe in. Public Relations campaigns play a crucial part in building credibility for your brand in a way that advertising may not. A mention of your brand via a trusted third party will look more like a recommendation than a direct sell. You only have to look at the rise of beauty bloggers and Content Editors with thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of followers to see how powerful this kind of marketing can be.

Building relationships

Good business is all about building relationships with the right people and organisations, which always takes an investment of time. A great way to build connections with potential customers, employees, investors, business partners etc is by networking. Attending events, joining related groups or donating time to a charity or cause which you value are all ways in which you can build relationships with like-minded people. PR is a great tool to stay connected, locally, nationwide and internationally.


PR services will ensure you get more exposure by placing you in front of your target audience. Whilst advertising can address the masses, Public Relations is much more personable, targeting a specific audience who are more likely to authentically engage with your brand for a fraction of the cost. It is all about making connections. Imagine paying for a full feature mention in a magazine only to find out you could have gotten this for free by using your well-earned connections to your advantage. This is PR!

Good PR requires effort and can be time-consuming, but this can benefit your business endlessly by making meaningful connections with people who work in the industry and who have years of experience! If done right, Public Relations can make your business become more likeable, influential, and successful ultimately driving sales and increasing market share of voice.

Helps to manage reputation

Sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Throughout your business journey, you may encounter issues and obstacles such as customer complaints, personnel or product issues. It is always best to be prepared in case the worse happens. A slur on social media by an unsatisfied customer can cause damage to your reputation if it isn’t handled quickly and responsibly. PR and media relations can help to manage your reputation in cases such as this by using a press release or similar means to address, explain and repair the issue.

Promotes brand values

Public Relations is a great way of creating a brand image and promoting your brand values. You can use PR tools to target potential customers by using language and images which are in line with your brand, that you feel your audience will respond to and connect with. By maintaining a presence in your industry (whether this be at events, online or within the media) and appearing in front of your customers by doing so, you will create a strong connection with your audience.

Raises brand awareness

Brand awareness refers to the extent to which consumers are familiar with brands, goods or services. People trust established brands. Public Relations can be a great way of reaching a wider audience, getting your brand or business in front of potential customers and thus increasing brand awareness. From launching a creative ad campaign, working closely with well-known influencers or being featured in the media, Public Relations offers a variety of ways to help achieve your goal of making people aware of your brand.

Delivering Brand Experience

b. the communications agency is a PR agency that delivers brand events to ensure the press, influencers and key industry opinion leaders are fully immersed in the brand experience. This brings a brand to life!

To find out more about how our services could work for you, feel free to get in touch!

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