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Ciaté Speed Coat: Wins U Magazine Beauty Award

Ciaté Speed Coat: Wins U Magazine Beauty Award

Congratulations to Ciaté who have just scooped the U Magazine Beauty Award for best top coat.

Ciaté Speed Coat – the new must have beauty buy is a revolutionary top coat from Brit born beauty brand Ciaté. It has a an impressive set of stats – it dries in 60 seconds, gives a high gloss finish, chip free nails for up to 10 days – but we’ve heard it has lasted for longer – and to top it all off comes in a pretty bowed bottle so it will look great on any dressing table.

The long lasting professional formulation is Formaldehyde Free and also has a unique professional optimum 250 bristle flat brush to give an even, smooth finish to the nails. It comes housed in an ergonomically designed long handled and curved bottle to make it so easy to use.

The clear top coat also enables you to touch up scratched paint jobs by dissolving the very top layer of nail enamel colour and allowing a smooth silky finish to the nails even days after a manicure!

Available from ciaté.co.uk, powderrooms.com, asos.com, hqhair.com or call 020 8466 5200


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