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Celebrating the Year of the Dragon with Yensa

Celebrating the Year of the Dragon with Yensa

On 31st January, b. celebrated Lunar New Year with YENSA by hosting key influencers, MUAs and press for a beautifully prepared Asian-inspired lunchtime dining experience at The Ivy Asia in Mayfair. Throughout the afternoon, attendees enjoyed incredible mocktails and sensational dishes from a menu as rich and diverse as the unique cultures that span the continent of Asia. In the shade of beautiful cherry blossom trees, influencers and press were invited to journey into the heritage and ancient Asian rituals that inspire the beauty of YENSA’s products with brand founder, Jennifer Yen.

In total, the event welcomed 7 press and 15 influencer attendees, reaching a 1.6 million+ combined attendee potential reach. The aim was to showcase and hero YENSA’s exclusive Lunar New Year Kit, alongside introducing the brand as new to the UK market to those who were yet to be immersed in the brand heritage and product offering. Attendees were invited to discover a new era of Superfood beauty from Jennifer herself who highlighted the tried-and-true Asian Rituals that are central to each product alongside providing education around product efficacy and performance.

When considering targeting, the event adopted a two-fold approach, calling on existing brand fans in addition to cultivating new brand relationships with creator community targets and press.

b. managed the event concept, production, and execution in house, leaning into the heart and DNA of YENSA through branded touchpoints and creative displays throughout the already elevated and luxurious private dining room. The space was dressed with artwork and printing to provide brand and product education for attendees to explore throughout the afternoon. Luxe red envelopes, lanterns, candles, and other styling props integral to Lunar New Year were also incorporated to set the tone and create a relaxed, inviting atmosphere.

Whilst the dining space owed itself to a sit-down meal, attendees were encouraged to engage with the displays and try the products first hand. This helped to create a buzzy atmosphere, with guests keen to engage with each other and share their thoughts. Brand founder, Jennifer Yen, was also integral to creating a welcoming atmosphere, offering attendees a firsthand insight into the values, and meaning behind the brand. Whilst YENSA is a newly launched brand in the UK, Jennifer’s presence really helped to create that community feel via one-to-one time with guests.

The event successfully built brand awareness with influencer, MUA, and press attendees whilst growing influencer and Key Opinion Leader relationships to acquire loyal brand fans. This was further demonstrated by the anecdotal feedback shared by guests and the social/editorial coverage generated post event. The elevated and on-brand location also created a real ‘photo moment’ which encouraged attendees to share organic User Generated Content to their social pages on the day, engaging both peer networks and consumers alike – a key part of the event planning to further brand awareness in the UK.

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