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b. The Agency Proud To Be Supporting ‘The Diana Award’
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b. The Agency Proud To Be Supporting ‘The Diana Award’

b. The Agency Proud To Be Supporting ‘The Diana Award’

We are proud to announce that we are working with the team at The Diana Award to raise awareness for the #ChangeMakers campaign for 2019. We are supporting the trust for its 20th anniversary year to raise awareness and drive a new wave of nominations for the award given out in memory of Princess Diana.


The Diana Award is the most respected award a young person can receive for their social action or humanitarian work. The Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex both support the youth charity, majorly benefiting The Diana Award.


The campaign comes from research that reveals over a third of young people and adults say ‘society has a negative view of young people”. On the contrary, 86% of young people say that it’s important for them to have a positive impact on society with over half (59%) volunteering and (69%) donating money over the past year.


The young people running the campaign, from all over the world, challenge negative stereotypes that young people are often labeled with.


Meet some of this year’s #ChangeMakers:


Maya Ghazal

19, Birmingham, UK

For Maya her life changed in 2015 when she left Syria to begin a new life in the UK. When she arrived in the UK she experienced first hand difficulties that many young refugees face when they get to the UK. Maya couldn’t speak English and was lonely, homesick and struggled to get into education.

Maya was awarded The Diana Award in 2017 for her work supporting refugees and using her voice to tackle refugee issues.



Cody McManus

10, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

When Cody realised that some of his friends and classmates would be getting nothing at Christmas, he felt he must do something to change this. Cody launched his own fundraising campaign ‘Cody’s Christmas Toy Box’. Through his efforts he raised £12,000 worth of toys, which he have to over 500 children,

Cody was awarded The Diana Award in 2018 for his fundraising work supporting less fortunate children at Christmas.


Angel Hemmings

16, London, UK

Angel is dedicated to improving mental health awareness, She and her fellow classmates started a school wide mental health campaign called ‘SOS: Stamp out Stigma’, in the hope of educating people about the mental health disorders.

Angel was awarded The Diana Award in 2018 for her work as a mental health advocate.


Visit diana-award.org.uk for the full list of nominees.


Nominations are now open for young people aged 9-25yrs, make your nomination here.

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