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2024 B. The Agency Announces the launch of Creative Futures Diversity Programme
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2024 B. The Agency Announces the launch of Creative Futures Diversity Programme

The Creative Futures Diversity Programme is an initiative focused on creating opportunities for young people from underrepresented communities. Our aim is to promote diversity and enable growth within our fast-paced, competitive industry.

Taking shape in the form of a paid 12-month training scheme, the successful candidate will enrol into a 360 communications experience at our London Head office. They will be fully exposed to every communications department and introduced to every aspect of PR, Eventing, and Influencer Marketing that the agency manages. At the end of the 12-month scheme, the trainee will be offered the opportunity to progress to the next level within our agency or move on to another business with a positive foundation and referencing.

We appreciate the support of our Diversity Board in particular Simone Powderly who has thrown her full support and guidance behind this initiative.

“I support the CFD programme and applaud b. the agency’s continuous effort to make active change.  This programme will be a fantastic opportunity not just for the candidate but for the agency alike.” Simone Powderly.

 NB: The most recent PRCA Census data notes that the industry is 91% White and 83% British.

Application Information: 

The Creative Futures Diversity Programme is open to school leavers age 18+; no degree or higher education is required.

We will be looking for good communications skills, creative writing, tenacity, and a desire to pursue a career in the creative communications industry.


Starting Salary Min £21,000+

Plus, benefits

How to apply:

Please send us your cv and cover letter, including a personal statement explaining why you would like to pursue a career in creative communications and why you should be accepted to CFDP.

Additionally, include any supporting work you may have written/created, this could be in the short format of a blog, social channel or long-form content.

Email us with your application or for further information at hello@b-theagency.com

Close Date: 31st March 2024




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