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TikTok Has Revolutionised Connectivity in Beauty

TikTok Has Revolutionised Connectivity in Beauty

A new frontier of digital beauty engagement has arrived, and the way in which brands and consumers connect has been revolutionised. With over 1 billion active users as of September 2021[1];TikTok is the gen-z super force that is reshaping the commercial agenda, ripping up the rulebook of its predecessors and it’s seismically changing the way in which we buy beauty.


TikTok has brought unparalleled change to both the social and retail landscape. With users spending an average of just under an hour on the app every day[2], the bitesize clips are allowing audiences to digest more content than ever; and following years of curated and glossy imagery from Instagram, TikTok is providing the ultimate antidote. With the ability for any user to produce viral content, the relatable and authentic videos have fostered a highly engaged beauty community, with ‘#beauty’ housing over 6​​2.9 billion videos as of November 2021[3]. Anybody has the chance to be discovered and reach global audiences on the app, including brands themselves.

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It’s clear the consumer preference is shifting; shoppers are moving away from looking to aspirational creators to provide them beauty advice, and instead are turning to get inspiration from the creators on TikTok who have brought together communities of likeminded people to share personal experiences, reviews, and tutorials before purchasing a product. Speaking to ELLE this year Abi Buller from trend agency The Future Laboratory says, “As beauty sales are increasingly informed by peer-to-peer networks, TikTok is the perfect platform for brands to connect with consumers in an authentic way”, following the social consultancies research that found 52% of users now say they discover new products on TikTok[4].

September 2021.


It’s this consumer engagement that is shaping up TikTok’s revolutionary commercial development. The app recently announced their partnership with Shopify in the US, UK and Canada, rolling out the ability for users to explore brand offerings and shop directly through the app for the first time. Alongside implementing product links, in which multiple products instantly become shoppable whilst watching the video content, brands can now connect with users through live shopping streams, sharing through e-commerce links whilst broadcasting to consumers around the world[5].



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So, how can beauty brands adapt and evolve with this culture-defining shift? It’s vital that a brand’s channel content understands and reflects the audience’s appetite; creating authentic content that builds community, encourages conversation, and showcases product in action. TikTok’s primary audience of gen-z consumers are savvy, informed and demand clear product efficacy with quick and visible results, and to get their attention, and custom, brands need to ensure their content delivers just this.

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