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The Importance of TikTok for PR

The Importance of TikTok for PR

Just a few years ago if someone said TikTok you might have thought the famous Kesha song ‘Tik Tok’. Nowadays you’ll most likely think of the TikTok app which is now the fastest growing Social Media platform with over 1 billion users. This app has quickly evolved into a PR outlet as PR agencies and businesses alike are utilising the platform to reach their consumer, attract larger audiences, build brand personalities, and create successful campaigns.

With users averaging 1.5 hours on the app a day there’s massive opportunity to directly target and interactive with, the consumer. Whether that’s branded hashtags, filters and lenses, influencer partnerships, video advertisements and organic placement, it’s easier than ever to create compelling strategies and campaigns and engage a new audience in a unique and interesting way.

TikTok is one of the best apps in obtaining global reach, it only takes one video to make your brand go viral which is then echoed across traditional consumer media and other social channels to create the buzz your brand deserves. Beyond the content itself, TikTok is having an impact on legacy media, TV, Radio and even competitor social platforms, with the ripple effects of viral content and creators going far and wide.

By working with a UK PR agency that specializes in TikTok strategy through a multi-pronged approach, you can create unrivalled campaigns, find clarity in your strategy, build brand personality on the app and understand the value and reach through accurate reporting systems. It’s time to target the ever-evolving and rapidly growing realm of TikTok with ease and create effortless content that is bound to go viral.


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