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Tap into TikTok
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Tap into TikTok

Tap into TikTok

Everything you need to know to tap into TikTok…


TikTok hit the scene in 2018, launching a revolutionary platform allowing users to create and engage with short-form video content. Within the last year they have begun to dominate the user-generated short-form content scene. Due to this the number of global users they have seen has skyrocketed; particularly within the Gen-Z population. As a result of this TikTok is now seen as THE app for short-form videos.

As we see social media continue to steer towards video content, it was inevitable that TikTok was going to take off. Now more than ever, TikTok has become a platform of entertainment and distraction during the global COVID-19 pandemic. People are thought to be using the platform to engage with like-minded individuals in a community feel environment. This sense of community and fun allows for a pleasant distraction from the seriousness of the current economic landscape.

As lockdown continues, it would be unsurprising to say that we will see TikTok’s audience grow at an increasingly fast pace. Why? Because the app puts themselves at the fore-front of innovating technology, providing a sophisticated and easy to use editing tool for users to create, edit and share videos of a high standard all in one app, and most importantly from the comfort of their own homes. Allowing individuals to feel connected with their peers in a time in which we are often physically removed from our own friends and families.


TikTok Target Audience:


TikTok is immensely popular with the Generation Z audience. However, we believe the app will broaden its scope within the year, as more influential brands join the platform. Currently the majority of advertising taking place on the application is done via branded content partnerships with influencers, paid media advertisements & brands running their own channels. In the future, as the popularity of the app grows, it is likely that content will begin to diversify as more influencers join the app. In addition to this it is likely TikTok may introduce more features to encourage a wider range of people/ages to engage and use the platform.


What is so different about TikTok?


In traditional forms of social media we have seen audiences engaging with content by ‘liking, retweeting, sharing and commenting’. However, due to the nature of TikTok individuals are engaging with the platform in different ways beyond these traditional metrics, by engaging in ‘trends’ & ‘challenges’ which are actively promoted by TikTok in their ‘Discover’ tab under ‘Trending’. This is encouraging users to directly engage and create their own content, ranging from dancing, singing to makeup transformations. These challenges not only see audiences utilise their own time, creativity and resources to create often high-quality content, but increases the amount of content for people to actually consume as well; with every TikTok subscriber being a ‘content creator’ in their own right.


How do we tap into the TikTok market?


Embracing TikTok trends are key to tapping into the market (through hashtags and sounds.) We would recommend researching the most successful TikTok trends and developing these to fit your brand’s tone of voice and core messaging.

All content created should be fun and light-hearted in the spirit of TikTok. We would recommend starting with a simple and fun concept to draw in your audience and building upon this success and moment as the level of engagement increases. By positioning brands as being fun and light-hearted, users are more likely to interact & engage with your brand.


Authenticity & personality is encouraged by TikTok’s platform, and now is the time for brands to be showing their identities.


The app demands authenticity in order to create engaging content. It is incredibly important that brands are transparent with the content they are posting in order to successfully engage with their audience. It is thought that TikTok’s algorithm classifies users based on common interests, showing them only content relating to these ‘labels’ unless the user has otherwise subscribed to that channel. To ensure brands are reaching a wider audience, but the correct audience, brands must be seen as showing personality & authenticity whilst relating to its core audiences’ interests.


A guide to setting up TikTok:


1. To begin, start by downloading the app and signing up.

2. Set up your profile- remember to go onto your profile and change your name (TikTok automatically assigns you a number)

3. View the video feed for a variety of videos and trends.

4. Like and comment on videos which you enjoy,

5. Search for videos and trending hashtags,

6. Follow users via videos and search for known names,

7. Choose your shot and pick from a range of effects.

8. Record a video,

9. Make final edits, add sounds and apply a caption to the video.

10. Participate in a challenge.

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