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summer. Talent Spotlight: Pride Month Edition
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summer. Talent Spotlight: Pride Month Edition

“At summer. we believe that inclusivity should be at the forefront of every single campaign we deliver. We strive to create partnerships with purpose, advocating for an ‘always-on’ and unwavering commitment to inclusivity, representative of the diverse community in which we live. As an influencer marketing and talent management agency, we’re passionate about helping change the industry and create opportunities for the LBGTQIA+ community.” 

Mischa Joslin, Managing Director, summer. 


For Pride Month & beyond, we’ve created a roundup of some of the inspirational talent our sister agency @summer_theagency represents & the partnerships they’d love to see:

1. @ShortstrawUk 

“Female punk/rap hybrid @ShortstrawUk brings energy, attitude and British grit to the stage AND to her social feed. shortstraw’s lyrics come from growing up in Britain and they take me right back to being a teen at school in a suburban town. So relatable and guaranteed to induce a grin. For PRIDE Month, I’d love to see brands collaborate with shortstraw to write bespoke tracks for their campaigns. Her storytelling is second to none.” 

Mischa Joslin, Managing Director, summer. 


2. @coupdekat 

“@coupdekat blends soulful melodies with raw, heartfelt lyrics. Starting at 15, Kat’s solo project ‘Coupdekat’ soared during lockdown. Influenced by 80s indie, Irish folk, and artists like Lily Allen and Blondie, her genre-fluid sound is magnetic. Not only is Kat killing the music scene, but her fun & quirky style makes her effortlessly, and enviously, cool. For PRIDE Month, I’d love to see her team up with a fashion or accessories brand to create her own collection or edit, bringing her individuality to life.”

Partnered with @ourhouse.online

Millie Weaver, Influencer Marketing Manager, summer. 


3. @glambyxsam

“@glambyxsam is a magician with make up! His love of music, pop culture and glam comes through in all of his content and he’s brilliant at curating the latest launches, showing how to replicate the newest trends and copy celebrity looks. Whether it’s a GWRM or a tutorial, Sam’s content is instantly engaging. For PRIDE Month, I’d love to see brands collaborate with Sam to celebrate how make up can transcend gender norms to make everyone feel incredible.” 

Camilla Evans, Group Talent Director, summer. 


Want to collaborate? Email: hello@thisissummer.co

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