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Ruth Lorenzo & Alexandra Burke visit B PR
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Ruth Lorenzo & Alexandra Burke visit B PR

Today we had a lovely surprise when the gorgeous and hugely talented X-Factor girls Alexandra Burke and Ruth Lorenzo came to visit and gave us all the insider goss!! Although we promised not to tell!

Last week the fashion team were pleased to see Alexandra wearing Famous Forever teeshirts and Punky Pins necklaces we had previously given her. This week Ruth picked up some fabulous ACDC Rock tees.

The girls are already being seen in the fashion pages of the weekly magazines and are great ambassadors for our fashion, health and beauty brands.

Living in their North London X Factor House and working long hours practising for next weeks show means the girls have very little time for pampering. So to keep them looking girlie and glam the health and beauty team gave the girls lots of products from Ciate, Berkeley Square Cosmetics and Comvita Manuka Honey to keep them fit and well and beat off Winter colds that could threaten to damage their vocal chords.

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