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Pride Month Spotlight: In Conversation with @coupdekat, Founder of Club Gunk
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Pride Month Spotlight: In Conversation with @coupdekat, Founder of Club Gunk

In our latest interview with @coupdekat we chatted about everything from how brands can support their communities during Pride Month & beyond, to the meaning and motive behind creating an authentic and inclusive movement.

Enjoy the read! 


Tell us about Club Gunk and what you’re looking to achieve? 
Club Gunk is a party community and a sanctuary for emerging artists. The London party scene can so often feel unkind and financially inaccessible, so myself, Cian Jay (artist) and Calla Lichtenwalter (Sony Music) wanted to create thematic, immersive parties with fun activities, showcasing the best of new artists and underground djs. Our focus is affordability and sharing the stage with as many young creatives as possible. 
How do you celebrate pride and what does it mean to you?
As a member of the community, Pride is always a really special time of year, last year I spent it at Brighton Pride and this year I’ll be at London Pride!  
How has Club Gunk incorporated Pride celebrations into its activities? 
Our next event ‘Pub gunk’ will be held at legendary LGBTQ+ venue ‘The George Tavern’ on July 20th! we will be showcasing the best of London’s underground scene, with a focus on LGBTIQA+ artists!  

How can brands support their communities this month? 
By partnering with LGBTIQA+ charities and ensuring their campaigns are as inclusive as possible! 
What are some examples of brands that you think are doing a great job supporting the LGBTIQA+ community during Pride Month? 
I really love the Urban Decay X 12on12 collaboration this year, combining music and pride and supporting a really great cause (Stonewall Community Foundation). It seems like an authentic, meaningful initiative and a great idea for uplifting and supporting talent in the LGBTIQA+ community. 

How can brands ensure their support is seen as genuine rather than performative? 
By ensuring their campaigns are inclusive all year round and that their policies internally support their LGBTIQA+ staff. Also, that the creative efforts put into Pride campaigns are equal to the efforts of campaigns each season. 
What are the potential pitfalls brands should avoid when engaging with the LGBTIQA+ community during Pride Month? 
Pride campaigns must be so much more than the sale of products, it should be an opportunity for brands to double down on progressive internal and external policies, support charities and create meaningful products that initiate important conversations and acknowledge intersectionality in the community. 
Looking beyond Pride Month, what ‘always-on’ initiatives would you suggest to brands to support the LGBTIQA+ community? 
Year round inclusion in campaigns, educating staff and introducing mentoring schemes for young LGBTIQA+ professionals. Standing with the community all year round, supporting boycotts and not tolerating hate/backlash. 
What advice would you give to brands when creating authentic and inclusive environments for the LGBTIQA+ community? 
Hosting regular workshops and initiating conversations in real life and on social media, Ensuring that policies are inclusive and accessible to all, educating staff at all levels, ensuring LGBTIQA+ representation in stores and for campaigns is not just for pride. It’s very important for brands to include LGBTIQA+ individuals in decision-making processes and research – I believe this is the only way a brand can achieve truly meaningful inclusion.  
Looking Forward: What are your future plans for Club Gunk and how do you envision its growth? 
We hope to grow our community and provide opportunities for even more artists, we are currently organising our first out of London party (Glasgow + Bristol) in collaboration with Internet culture, another Party collective who elevates the voices of QTIPOC artists. 
What new initiatives or projects are you currently working on? 
I’m working on my third Ep! To be released in September 2024, the project focuses on the intricacies of the mundane and also self-reflection. A lot of the tracks were once a diary entry so it’s a very personal intimate project for me! Each track is a new hybrid between emotive lyricism, indie rock instrumentation whilst having dance drums and a fast tempo, so basically I want people to cry in club haha! 

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