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Influencer Marketing In The Restaurant Industry

Influencer Marketing In The Restaurant Industry

Whether it’s Bottomless Brunch at The Skinny Kitchen on your TikTok For You Page or The Ivy Asia’s green floors on your Instagram feed, there’s no doubt in the fact that when you need a decent food location, you turn to social media. In fact, research shows that 71% of consumers are likely to buy products or services that have been recommended to them via social media. With this new way of discovering the best places to eat, food and beverage PR agencies have started to turn their attention to influencer marketing as a new, fresh way to promote their business.

Did you know that food is one of the most popular categories on Instagram? And with restaurants becoming more and more Instagrammable it is getting harder to cut through the noise and be considered by potential customers. One of the most popular and efficient ways a restaurant and their subsequent food PR agencies create brand exposure is via a creative and well-planned influencer campaign.

This is done in many ways, for example Zizzi awards out black cards (free food!) to influencers they see fit to promote their chain. Other more upscale restaurants for example, Lucky Cat By Gordan Ramsay invited in a sea of influencers to experience the restaurant, using the power of their platforms to convey the experience and atmosphere of the location. It is safe to say that restaurant marketing has come a long way in the past 10 years from what was once just word of mouth and TV and billboard advertisements.

Working with food PR companies and public relations agencies such as b. will build trust and success for your restaurant’s business. They do this by holding events, creating social media strategies and attracting the right influencers into your business. With the food in your restaurant being the focus, and the dinning industry becoming more and more competitive it is clear the way forward is to work with a consumer PR agency to create a compelling and creative influencer marketing programme to grow your restaurant business.

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