Wearable Tech: Fashion Friend or Foe?

The ‘wearables’ is a tech sector already burgeoning under the pressure of the technology enthusiasts around the world.

Commercially, a majority of products have been directly marketed towards health and lifestyle – a sports fanatic quantifying their own data with a Nike Fuel Band or a health enthusiast personally coached by their wrist Jawbone.

But will Geek ever be Chic?

Collaborations such as Opening Ceremony x Intel, Google Glass x DVF and Tory Burch for Fitbit, show promise that gadgets and high fashion can work alongside each other, enriching our lives visually and technologically, the revolutionary glamorisation of geek-wear is nearing.

In order to be ahead of the curve, these are the top tech game-changers of 2015 to invest in without losing your cool – wearable tech at its best.


The best features of a smartwatch in a stylish 18K ring with a semi-precious stone. ‘Ringly’, syncs with your mobile to subtly buss you notifications during dinner dates. You can sync it with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and even Tinder…


Misfit collaborated with Swarovski to introduce this collection of crystal faceted designs. The waterproof wearables use patented “energy crystal” solar charging technology, meaning it recharges in light. The misfit automatically tracks steps, distance, calories burned, sleep quality and duration.


Everyone complains of losing battery on their phones, whilst wifi charging is in the near future, until then emPOWERED makes universally compatible bags and clutches that charge various smartphones and devices such as iPads, Kindles and even digital cameras. There are no wires, just on-the-move charging.

Lauren Bowker and The Unseen ( British Fashion House )

Often known as the ‘material alchemist’, the latest development in tech is in ‘invisible tech’ and materials. Lauren Bowker has created a sensory couture with some mind-bending tech-textiles – wind-reactive ink, gemstones that change colour with time, and even with your thoughts.