Retro Dieting: Weight loss Whilst Eating your Favourite Food

Our Fashion PR team were looking for a new diet for 2015 and recently on the recommendation of the uber healthy Beauty PR team, we have rediscovered old school diet phenomenon Slimming World and haven’t looked back!

Any diet that allows pasta and jackets potatoes with guaranteed weight loss, is something as foodies we can gladly get on board with.

The plan was founded way back in 1969 by dieting enthusiast Margaret Miles-Bramwell, later honoured with an OBE in the 2009 Queen’s Birthday Honours List; the brand and she to this day champion the fact that to lose weight and eat healthily, one does not have to survive on the appetite of a small rabbit.

Weight loss without deprivation? Sounds good to us!

By measuring out your daily dairy and wheat intake, eating as much fresh fruit and veg as Planet Organic can throw at you and counting anything ‘bad’, or anything containing saturated fats (aka chocolate, oil, cheese…the usual suspects) within your daily ‘syn’ allowance, you can lose pounds but still enjoy hearty meals on cold Winter nights.

I’m sure everyone can remember a point growing up when their Mum or Aunty spent their days counting ‘syns’ and downing Muller Lights (fat free FYI) on this diet and it may seem like old news now but we’re all for a 90s revival!

Of course this is not for everyone and some of us favour Kale over carbs but the proof is in the pudding and it’s worked for us so far!

Big Mac in a bowl with sweet potato fries anyone?