Laboraide is a new, innovative natural birthing device to help reduce both the pain and duration of labour, researched in the USA and made in the UK developed by Dr. Anthony Lovat, founder of OPRO the world’s leading manufacturer of custom-fit mouthpieces. Studies at the University of Maryland Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and at Loughborough University England discovered that by keeping the jaw relaxed and reducing tension lead to an increase in core strength and increased oxygenation for the muscles and the baby.

Laboraide is designed to be used during both first and second stages of labour to help reduce the pain naturally by relaxing the jaw and keeping the mouth open that then eases the neck and shoulders down to the core muscles.

Laboraide will also eliminate the potential damage to teeth which can occur during labour.

Key Laboraide benefits:

  •  Designed to relieve the pain of Labour
  •  Can Help Reduce the length of second stage labour
  •  Can also be used with other pain relief methods – Tens, gas and air, as well as epidural
  • No pre-molding required, just pop into your mouth during labour
  • Non-invasive and totally natural aid to your baby’s birth

A study carried out in 2009 by the University of Maryland Department Obstetrics and Gynecology demonstrated key findings:

• Average duration of the second stage of labour for women wearing a dental support device (DSD) was 40% shorter than in the non DSD group.
• Using a DSD may decrease the number of failures to descend (baby entering birth canal after woman is fully dilated) requiring operative intervention.

The DSD is thought to generate these remarkable results in three ways:

  • Using a DSD can increase muscle strength in the extremities, back and abdomen. This makes your pushing more powerful.
  • The change in your posture with the DSD in place makes you able to push harder and to push continually for longer periods of time.
  • By having your mouth open oxygen flow to the lungs is increased which aids the power to push.*


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