Pepsi Receive Backlash Over Kendall Jenner Advert

Pepsi has restrained their advert of Kendall Jenner following an extremely speedy backlash.

Jenner was flown out to Bangkok, Thailand, as she was asked to promote a worldwide message ‘’of unity, peace and understanding’’ for the upcoming ‘Live For The Moment Campaign’. After the advert received negative opinions, it was shortly removed from television.  Following this, Pepsi commented ‘Clearly we missed the mark, and we apologise’.

The campaign was a protest of multi-racial activists marching, whilst Kendall was actively in a photoshoot. Stepping out of the shoot, throwing her wig off, and removing her make-up, the model joined in.

The majority of viewers would have seen the famous model at the beginning of the advert and continued watching because she was the new face of Pepsi. But, when it turned out Kendall’s solution to the riot was handing a Pepsi can over to a police officer, viewers withdrew from it.

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