Part 2: BPR’s Great British Bake-Off!

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With the BPR Bakeoff well under way, B’s bakers set to work on their ‘beautiful’ creations. Amidst the puffs of flour, a splattering of cracked eggs and a burst of berries, we took a sneak peek behind the scenes and caught up with our budding young bakers Andrew and Sally-Anne to marvel at the baked wonders. Both opted for a traditional Victoria Sponge cake using a light, fluffy vanilla sponge as their bake’s base to be enveloped in a calorific ‘blizzard’ of butter icing and whipped cream.

However, if you know Sally-Anne or Andrew like we do, you know these ‘masterpieces’ were never going to follow the typical recipe. With a beady eye for acute precision, Andrew set himself the mammoth task of tempering freshly melted Belgian chocolate to encase his cake and autumn berry topping; arguably a clever way to mask the potential of a botched finish from a cascade of whipped cream. A sprinkling of melted chocolate chips was spread onto individual cling film sheets then frozen to cool and set before cutting with a hot knife to create the luxurious chocolate shard case worthy for the centrepiece of any Patisserie Valerie window display.

B’s Top Tip: Revamp out of date sponge cakes by gently folding a warm, sticky blueberry glaze (jam will suffice) into light and freshly whipped cream to create a ‘marbled’ layer to fall delicately between the moist sponge layers.

Who cares for the less is more approach? Sally-Anne wanted to create escalating height amidst the slippery peaks of butter cream icing. Using piped straws to lock in and secure her delicate sponge layers oozing with thick layers of clotted cream and fresh strawberry jam; if we’re going to indulge then we need to go all out right? After a rich coat of icing, hand painted marzipan bees complete with wings swarmed to the sweet creation as the pink sugar daisies came into bloom for our prolonged Indian summer.

B’s Top Tip: Safety first girls. Strap the baked beauty in during transport to avoid an unsightly toppling of your layered spectacle. Almonds flakes will create lift off for your buzzing almond bees.

THE BAKEOFF Amongst B’s gabbling fashionistas and beauties, a sudden silence fell upon the infamous meeting room with the arrival of the judges, the exclusive Lipsy team. The judges weren’t just looking for great tasting baked creations but also a demonstration of precision, fine detail and originality.

With three lust worthy prizes up who grabs, who would snatch the golden ‘snitch’ and steal first prize for each prestigious category?

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