Our Clients at London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week rained, shined and rained again but our clients consistently shone throughout London fashion week with their contributions towards, what we think has been the best London Fashion Week yet.


Our very own Ciaté sponsored the iconic womenwear label ‘PPQ’. Grace Humphries – nail tech and recently appointed ambassador of Ciaté, used nail paints in her innovative and creative designs. Paints including Unrestricted Glam, Rasberry Collins and Talent Scout were used to create colourful and unique designs in order to complete the PPQ’s runway ready looks. Grace reflected PPQ’s style this through her designs, she states “the nails designs were bright, chic yet also unconventional to fit the thesis of the clothing” we think Grace did a great job of breaking the catwalk norm with Ciaté


Quercus by Penhaligons fragrance house was the official London Fashion Week scent. Penhaligon’s scent became the official supplier of the international high profile event for the first time. Jenico Preston, Head of Sponsorship at British Fashion Council says of the collaboration: ‘Penhaligon’s really is a unique and exciting addition to this season’s roster. The synergy between this quintessentially English brand and London Fashion Week is perfect, combining a culturally rich history, luxury and innovation.’

Make Up store

The colours blue, bronze and nude made for Make Up Store’s colour palette this week. Make Up Store reflected strength, beauty and femininity at London Fashion Week through a tribal warrior style. The Georgina Harley-Smith’s SS14 used a blended makeup technique in order to complete the look. Alexis Day used Make Up Store make up add a fierce yet beautiful element to the catwalk, “I wanted to inject a bit of colour that works across all skin tones and was still beautiful to look at.”