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Instagram stories are soon launching on desktops

Keeping up to date with your favourite accounts just got even easier! Instagram has announced that the popular app feature Stories will be available via desktop browsers.

Who doesn’t love a good story, a clip providing your followers a glimpse of your day, which can even be live – just that little bit more than a regular post would? Now, Instagram stories will move beyond the app and will also be available to post and view via a desktop browser.

Currently, users are able to log in to Instagram via a desktop, but only view regular posts. As soon as Stories launch there as well, familiar feature from the app circles at the top of the screen. It has been announced that the feature update will be available globally within the next few weeks. We could not be more excited!

Although Snapchat was the first social media platform to introduce the highly popular feature, it didn’t take long for Instagram to jump on the bandwagon. The decision has come with a huge success, with over 250 million people using the Stories feature daily.

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