Stacking rings is a trend with serious staying power. The trend has been around for several seasons and is only proving to gain strength and versatility. Both fashion bloggers and celebrities alike are seen stacking their rings up, and then adding a few more on top. As with any style that might look easy and thrown together, this trend needs a bit of thought to get the balance right. Whatever you do, don’t overthink it. Find your style by mixing or matching metals, combining stones and textures, wearing multiples, wearing them equally spaced or all on one hand.

Whether you’re looking to start your first collection of stacking rings or expand your existing one, you won’t struggle to choose from Nowseen’s extensive edit of stacking rings. Each piece is made from sterling silver and genuine ethically sourced gemstones. Your arrangement can be as fully loaded or as refine as you like. We have put together three of this seasons must-try stacking styles to get you started:


1. Pair amethyst with rose quartz for a feminine daytime finish and add some sterling silver beaten bands as spacers.

Rose Quartz Mini Tear Ring, Silver Sterling Hammered Ring, Amethyst Bubble Ring, White Diamond Mini Solo Ring and Amethyst Tilt Ring. 


2. Or try garnet and smoky quartz for an amped up dramatic effect.

Garnet Almond Ring, Gold Plated Hammered  Ring, Garnet & Smokey Quartz Two Stone Ring and Black Diamond Mini Dot Ring.


3. For fuller coverage choose a wide, textured silver band and add a selection of thinner rings for a classic touch. Highlight the diversity of stacking by contrasting texture.

Silver Sterling Hammered Ring, Blue Diamond Mini Dot Ring, Sterling Silver Tape Ring, Blue Topaz Eyelet Ring and Sterling Silver Bobble Ring.  seo- 23/9