GUEST BLOG: Miss Merx reviews Make Up Store

Hey Beauties,

This is Miss Merx from Miss Merx Blogs here. I’m a nail technician and beauty blogger for those who are wondering ;0)

I’ve been trying out a few bits from the Make Up Store for the first time and I thought I’d share with you what I think of what I’ve had the opportunity to try.

First up is the Liquid Foundation in Vanilla. Liquid Foundation is quoted as being suitable for normal to dry skin with medium coverage and I would definitely agree with that. I don’t like heavy coverage, I prefer as natural as possible for myself and I found this foundation really was exactly what I like to use.

It’s so incredibly light, you can barely tell you’re applying it! It blends so easily and even though the texture is really light, it doesn’t dry too quickly so I had time to blend. I used it a few different ways. I liked it best with my fingers then just buffed over with a skunk brush to give an airbrushed appearance and to make sure it was seamless. Nothing worse than a patchy application!

Wear time was really good, I managed to go 6 hours before I noticed any sign of fade. I’d definitely recommend this foundation if like me, you like a light textured, medium coverage foundation that is buildable.

Up next is my favourite product from what I tried and that is the PINK MASCARA!! OMG, this is just too cute! I wore this mascara on its own a lot because I liked the pop of colour for day time as it’s not ‘in your face’ pink but EVERYONE who’s nails I did whenever I wore it all noticed and loved it too.

I have to say, I think for me, this is definitely one of my favourite mascara’s to wear. I tried it over one of my normal black mascaras but I don’t think it had the same effect as on its own.

The finish is quite natural, it gave a little volume, enhanced my natural lashes but it’s definitely just a colour mascara on the whole so don’t think it’s got all the bells and whistles of thickening/curling/lengthening. This to me is just a fun mascara to wear on a daily basis to jazz up a neutral look.

My next favourite product was the nail polish but I’m a manicurist so can’t deny I love polish! I liked this polish for the colour, called ‘Lisa’ which is quite cute, but more because the texture and wear time is what I look for too.

The texture I found to be slightly thicker than I was expecting but the pigmentation was great! It was virtually a one-coat wonder but I always do two coats out of habit and to ensure a completely even coverage.

The texture has almost a gel like feel to it which I really liked. There was no streaking or pulling and it self levelled which means that the colour settles on the nail leaving no brush strokes. This polish on its own was quite glossy but I always add a top coat to make it last and give protection too. I’ve used this on a few clients and a couple of fashion events and it went down very well with all the girls who had it.

Last but definitely not least are a couple of lovely lippies in ‘Crimson’ which has a matte finish and ‘Redwood’ which has a crème finish. Both lipsticks are non-drying and both have a good wear time. I got about 4-5 hours wear before needing to top up and that included drinking.

After eating I always remove and re-do any lipstick because I like to freshen up after a meal. Both lippies area really well pigmented and I didn’t have to go over my lips more than twice to get complete coverage. The textures are lovely and smooth, the matte finish isn’t drying and really comfortable to wear.

I’d say ‘Redwood’ is a nude shade for me. It’s lighter than my natural lip colour and looked great with a heavy smoky eye. ‘Crimson’ I really enjoyed wearing because of the matte texture (I love a matte lippy) and found it really easy to wear during the day with a neutral eye and cheek making my lips centre of attention.

All in all, I have to say I’m rather impressed with the Make Up Store and think I will have to brighten the day of the Sales Assistants in the Carnaby Street, London, Make Up Store next week when I pop in for a gander because I want to check out all the other colours and textures of EVERYTHING! Hahahaaaaaa