With winter approaching, we’re moving on from our bright summer makeup bag and everything is going darker… Getting into the spirit of Halloween we’re knocking our eye shadows, eyeliners and lipsticks all down a few shades. Everyone’s favourite supermodel Cara Delevingne can pull off vamp make up like no one else, as she proved at the Met Gala this year and with her dark eye makeup at the Cannes Film Festival. Her flawless and dewy skin, heavily lined eyes and blood red lips are a match made in heaven and, of course, not to forget those signature brows. Here at BPR we’ve got the products and will show you how recreate the ‘it’ look for Halloween, so embrace your dark side and follow our step-by-step guide.

Start by applying Make Up Store Base Prep (1), creating an even and radiant complexion and giving you a great base to apply your favourite matte foundation. Once you’re happy that your skin looks effortlessly flawless, sweep plenty of a dark shadow, like Make Up Store’s Microshadow in Cupol (2), across the eyelid and line your eyes with their Eye Pencil in black (3). Apply a highlighting pencil to the inner corners of your eyes before coating your lashes in a few layers of mascara. Next use Dr Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips (4) as a primer to keep your lipstick in place for longer. Complete the look by using a lipstick brush to apply a layer Make Up Store Slim Lipstick (5), making sure to line your lips properly to get that defined Cupid’s bow. Making those brows stand out with a brow pencil a shade darker than you’d normally use and neatening them with an eyebrow brush will complete your look. Go one step further and match your nails with your lipstick using Ciatés Paparazzi (6).